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Female Wavyrayed lampmussel displaying to attrach fish host for glochidia
Mussel populations being surveyed in the Grand River, Ontario

The area of study of our research group is environmental toxicology. We investigate how chemicals released into the environment affect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. This involves investigations at a wide range of biological levels or organization, e.g., metabolites within an organism and all the way to biological communities within an ecosystem.      

The head of the springtail Folsomia candida under a scanning electron microscope. This species is used by our group to investigate the toxicity of chemicals i soil ecosystems.
Tetrahymena glochidiophila feedig on glochidia of freshwatr mussels (Lampsilis siliquoidea, fatmucket mussel). This tiny ciliate was described for the first time by Dr. Prosser and Dr. Denis Lynn and they decided on the species name "glochidiophila" (lover of glochidia).